PowerShell Cmdlets for Auto Dealerships

I am getting more and more calls for help with CDK Global, DealerTrack, and InfinitiNet data extraction and I want to post now about how I can help best:

  • I will write you a PowerShell cmdlet that will exactly meet your needs

I find the Microsoft PowerShell platform the best for folks that are not technically adept to extract data when, where and as often as they want. It helps to know how to run a PowerShell cmdlet but that is not critical. I can get you up and running with a 15 minute phone call.

The beauty of PowerShell is that I can write you a cmdlet to do whatever it is you want done. We then import those into your PowerShell ISE and then you can run it with different parameters as often as you want. The output you get back can be opened directly in Excel (if that is how you want it) by PowerShell. I can even write the cmdlet so that it emails the information around or in many other ways.

The reason I like PowerShell is because running the report is easy for those who don’t know PowerShell and yet I can make PowerShell do pretty much anything you need.

I will write your custom cmdlet quickly and for a fixed fee because, not only am I adept at writing PowerShell cmdlets and modules, but I know DMS data models very well.

I would estimate that most extraction cmdlets will be quoted in the $150 to $350 range but if you want a cmdlet to not only extract the data but send email reports or marketing it could (depending on how elaborate) cost upwards of $1,000 – $2,000.

Monthly support for the first 3 cmdlets is free and add $100 a month for each batch of 3 thereafter.

Email me now for a quote at jdonnelly at jdonnelly.com



Author: John Donnelly

A professional in the automobile business.

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